Sunday, August 7, 2011


With all the changes that have been occuring in my  life recently, I have found myself leaning on my faith more often and trying to accept that the challenges that have been coming my way are actually a gift.  
Although it is difficult to see clearly while going through a tough situation , it seems that the knowledge and growth that I receive after the challenge makes it not so bad. 
I'm adopting a new attitude and counting my blessings - after all there is always someone who would love to trade problems with you and it makes me feel like mine are too bad after all. So to start, I am following a few tips

* Try Even When You Still Think You Can't Do It
* Any Effort, Regardless  Of The Outcome Is Better Than No Effort At All
* Recognize The Possibilities
* Realize That "This Too Shall pass"

I am starting a new series of signs titled "Believe.." Here is the first of many to come.  Check back often as I am always adding new items to my shop.

 If you are interested in ordering one in your own custom colors or design, let me know and I would love to work with you!

Believe in Heavenly Things

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Start - the Pursuit of Happiness

Hi, it's been a while since I last blogged but I've made a promise to keep it updated more often. There have been alot of changes in my life the past year. Sooo, I'm making a list of changes and updating my blog as well as creating is one of them. Afterall, as they say happiness is s choice so I am choosing to be happy and count my blessings. I've been busy adding new items to my Etsy Shop. Besides birdhouses, I have been working on picture frames, welcome slates for the fall and Halloween, as well as more ornaments.
Making an effort to network more with others is proving to be a positive thing Here are a few new items that I have recently listed.I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retro Inspiration Handmade Outdoor Birdhouse

Retro Inspiration is the newest birdhouse in the RachaelsGarden Collection. It is handmade, functional and truly unique. Use it indoors or outdoors. Sure to be the envy of the neighborhood! Find it in my Etsy shop at www.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Listen to Your Children ♥♥♥

LISTEN to your children, they speak in such a beautiful, unspoiled, innocent language. The mistake we make as adults is that we see it as our responsibility to teach children about life, when in reality they hold the key to reminding us, as adults made cynical by this world, who we really are.
Chidren represent all that is pure in this world and we could learn so much if we just listened to them. - Mamadou

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our limitations - Words of Wisdom

You are the primary power source for your own limitations. Every time you say, out loud or to yourself,” I could never do that" you are affirming your limitations. That little voice can say anything you want it to say. Listen to what you're telling yourself, think about it. Do you really need to be criticizing and limiting yourself? Start being supportive of YOU and watch how quickly your world changes for the better - Mamadou

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Will you be the 100th Etsy Customer in my shop? - $10.00 off your next purchase

I just sold my 99th item on Etsy! If you are the 100th buyer, you will receive $10.00 off any additional purchase from my shop! If there is something you are interested in, it may be a good time for you to grab it!

New artisan made, hand painted birdhouses and home decor items have been being added weekly. Look for my new line of hand painted picture frames and wall shelfs to be coming out soon. Happy Spring everyone!!
Here are a few of my new birdhouses

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