Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inspirational Words of Wisdom...

I had the wonderful opportunity to work at Artist Row on New Derby Street in Salem, MA this past year. I started in the spring and it ended with a boom on Halloween Night! Besides having the privilege of selling my artwork in such an exclusive art appreciating community, I also had the opportunity to work with some very special people. The rewards of meeting these people and the way my life was touched by them and changed by difficult to express in words. The saying goes that God puts people on your life for a reason and I really feel blessed that my path crossed with some amazing people. One of them is Mamadou Diop. He is from Africa and is living in the United States. He is a Performing Artist and has also won many humanitarian awards. I will be writing more about him soon, but the biggest gift that I received from his was his powerful wisdom. Mamadou shares so many positive quotes..and so much of his wisdom, and with his permission, I am able to share them with you! So, I will be posting periodically some of his "Words of Wisdom" in hopes that even one of them will touch your life and help you to see things in a brighter life! So here we go with my first post


If your thoughts could cause things to initially happen, what woud you think? The fact is that your thoughts directly control your actions and your actions have a major impact on the reality of your life. The quickest way to improve your situation is to improve the way you think. Your actions become more focused on creating value and at the same time, they become more effective. Changing your thinking can change your world!


Princess Caitlin said...

Hey Karen,
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Great words of wisdom segment, by the way. :)

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vacantiarts said...

My thoughts exactly. Very nice blog.

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