Monday, December 21, 2009

More...Words of Wisdom

Admit to not knowing and you will learn. Admit to your weakness and you will become stronger. Admit to your mistakes and you will learn to move past them. Admit that you don't know what to say and you will have said just the right thing. Admit that you are confused and you will understand. Being honest with yourself, with others and with life can often be difficult and intimidating. LIVE the truth of who YOU are and it will bring out the best that you can be


Hale McKay said...

Some good words of wisdom there.

Thanks for "following" my site.

After scrolling through some of your posts, I'll "follow" you also.

I like the hand-made items depicted here. I used to do a lot of wood-working crafts- especially for the holidays.

I'm always glad to find a "neighbor" blogger in the Boston area. (Everett here.)

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

I love your post! I wish more people would understand the admitting a weakness isn't necessarily a bad thing! Have a safe and happy holiday.

Yaya said...

What powerful words.

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